About Payroll DIY
PayrollDIY  provides payroll services to all types of Canadian employers, whether you are small companies, start-up companies, self-employed companies, or those based in other countries and who pay employees in Canada.

We are experienced payroll professionals who ensure that your payrolls run smoothly, paying employees accurately and on time, focused on providing the highest level of services at reasonable cost.

With Payroll DIY, doing payroll has never been so easy ! Payroll DIY frees you from the hassle of calculating payroll taxes, filling out payroll forms, keeping track of deadlines, and complying with ever changing tax rates. With Payroll DIY's payroll services, every payday can be fast, easy, and error-free.

Compared with other payroll services, Payroll DIY has the following features:
  • It is easy to use. No doubt, You can do it yourself.
  • It is flexiable. You can use it through our web site, or you can download and install it in your local network.
  • It has powerful functions. It can calculate the Income tax, CPP and EI for every pay cheque. It can process various deductions and benifits as well as prepay. It can generate Revenue Canada Remittance report, WCB Remittance report, Record of Employment, T4 and T4 summary report.
  • It is a web-based system. You can process your payroll locally in your local network or remotely through the internet.
  • It provides various reports. It also provides data export function which makes it easy to export payroll data to other accounting software solutions.
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