Online Test System was developed by Mbosoft Inc. It aims to serve the education and testing markets, which include high school students, college students, and professionals eagerly seeking to prepare for exams. Our easy-to-use advanced web technology immediately helps our users prepare for exams by providing sample tests and recognized resources to prepare.

It is crucial to Online Test System  that every one of our users are truly satisfied by getting real use from our site every time they visit.

In order to achieve and maintain the highest customer satisfaction possible, Online Test System will be constantly innovating and improving the information and services our users want and need. This is why we invite all customers to provide feedback via any method; so Online Test System can serve the needs and wants that will create the most comprehensive online testing community.

It is easy to organize verious tests, to add or remove questions, and to analyse the test results. If you need to buy Online Test System and install on your internet, please contact us. We also provide customized development to meet your needs.

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